Monday 25 February 2008

Wie einst Lili Marlen - # 08/27

"Wenn sich die spaeten Nebel drehn werd' ich bei der Laterne steh'n, wie einst Lili Marlen".

(When the night time mists are swirling I will stand in the lamplight as once I did so long ago, my dear Lili Marlen).

"Your sweet face seems to haunt my dreams my Lilly of the Lamplight, my own Lilly Marlene".

Here is my own Lilly Marlene, bathed in her lamplight, captured in the night time shadows of Brentford. (Her inspiration would now be about 86).

(Thanks for all the kind comments yesterday. My internet connection has a serious fault. I am working on a neighbour's machine so cannot visit you directly).


  1. Interesting post, thanks. Lili Marlene was a favorite song of my father's. Upon hearing the song he would sometimes reminisce about his time in Belgium in '44 during the war. It is a beautiful song from an ugly time in history.

  2. Fine photo, and just the way how one imagines Lili Marleen, the hair so blonde and long and the old-fashoned looking long coat. Very atmospherique, the photo.

  3. P.S. I hope your Internet connection will be allright soon.

  4. I just visited the Edward Steichen exhibition in Z├╝rich which has a couple of iconic studio shots of Dietrich - coincidence. The square format and B+W give this a vintage feel. The foreground highlights make the photo for me - leading us to the subject which otherwise might be a bit subdued

  5. i like this shot very much~~
    blurred but really like the old memory long long time ago...


  6. I love it very much it seems to inspire song's words