Sunday 3 February 2008

Cleaning the House - # 08/06

We will return to Brentford and its industrial and riverside charms tomorrow. Meanwhile here's a short week-end relaxation.

The rooms of 17th century Ham House (click on the side bar link to the National Trust, Ham House) are currently all "put to bed" for winter maintenance and cleaning. The new 2008 Visitor Season is fast approaching and the work-rate is speeding up.

Magnificent midday sun is flooding through the south-facing windows of one of the state-rooms, and I came upon this amusing little scene. It's taken using available sunlight, and the white cloth reflects enough to help brighten the scene. The silk covering of the chair and the old tapestries come out nicely. The red and white tags on some white dust covers indicate that these pieces must be removed first in any salvage or disaster-recovery operations. As a rule special blinds limit the sunlight so that the collection is not damaged by UV rays.

Camera: Olympus C7070 WZ


  1. Well, but this isn't you house as it seems *lol* And: do I see a mobile there?
    What I see: you've got a new design; very nice.

  2. So, you fix stuff here, right?
    What kinda stuff?
    I like the idea of red labels on the most important items - must try this at home!

  3. I see that many of us had the same reaction / question, when seeing the title of your post!

  4. It is SO tiresome having people traipse through one's house.

  5. I checked out those old posts.
    It was really interesting and I loved looking into the photos.
    Why don't you post more of these?

  6. I thought at first that this was your "blogging table" - a bit like the one Peter showed us a while back......