Sunday 26 August 2007

...and there went up a great mist from the earth - # 210

Yesterday morning was surprising. After a cold, grey wet week Saturday dawned with a thick fog. This is NOT what you expect in August!

I rushed out at 06.00 to take pictures of the fog and rising dawn. I have never tried this type of photography before, so forgive the quality. I have chosen what I think are the best and will show them over the next 3 or 4 days.

Here is a view of the pond on Ham Common looking southeast.


  1. Fog pictures often come out very nicely and you proved it! Bravo for the 06.00 rushing out!

  2. Maybe not an August weather but a nice picture, very...romantic!

  3. Absolutely fantastic picture...very atmospheric.

    The fog was a precursor to extremely good weather conditions.

  4. Photographers, like fisherman, benefit from an early start. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the images

  5. Beautiful photo. Looks like a painting.