Friday 24 August 2007

Cultivated flower - # 208

When my computer crashed a week ago I lost a set of vibrant and very lively street scenes, not easily remade.

So I've fallen back on the technique of simply looking at what's close, easy to hand, and worth celebrating. To my surprise, it's not been difficult to find. It's day to day "hand to mouth", but what could be nicer than this pretty pink cultivated specimen in the Richmond Park flower bed, to contrast with yesterday's pretty pink weed specimen in the Richmond Park bramble bed?

Afterall, most of the world's population has to put up with what it's got, and stop moaning. That does not mean that we sit and accept poor conditions and no progress, but trying to express joy certainly helps to move us forward.


  1. Another lovely flower new to me. I like your photos a lot because I am seeing things I have not seen before. It would be similar to me seeing an angel with wings having only seen them without in the past.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Just My Birds Blog

  2. Extremely interesting photo. Petals often work to entice bees and other pollinators to the center of the flower, and to keep them there for as long as possible. Yet, this flower has trumpet petals, which themselves could distract insects away from the pollen center. Perhaps the petals serve an additional purpose such as capturing rain water?

  3. Exceptionally I have also tried some flower photos today. I will not do it again I believe, but I had to play a little with my new camera.

    Concerning the JOY part, let's start by enJOYing the weekend!

  4. Loosing saved photos is each of us's nightmare, sorry it happened to you. Glad you are taking a positive approach to it, great pic today!