Thursday 16 August 2007

Celebrating the achievements of fast women - # 200

Yesterday I jumped away from Brooklands because I wanted to show the seasonal quality of the light on Richmond Bridge, before the right moment was lost

Now I want to return to signal the efforts of women in the early ages of motor sport. This picture shows the club room set aside for lady racing drivers. It's in the style of the late '20s-30s. The exhibits include rather glamorous little red leather driving shoes and a leather suit and helmet all in red, and a rather luxurious silk helmet. These cars were not easy to handle, and it must have required great physical courage to drive them at speed.


  1. That would be the era of Daisy and the Great Gatsby, right?
    Pink and chintz and silk helmets...and car racing! We women want it all ;-)

  2. We want to see the red shoes and leather!

  3. Enlarging it it's much more than beautiful !