Monday 6 August 2007

Ferry for April of Cologne - # 191

This posting is for April in Cologne who on 29 July showed a similar popular foot ferry crossing the great and magnificent River Rhine. Here you can see the ever popular Hammerton's Ferry with it's excellent ferryman crossing the tinier but no less magnificent Thames at Ham, near Richmond. You may like to refer back to my earlier posting


  1. I looked also on your earlier post! Interesting story! This is really nice, but I presume that today you just cross for the pleasure, not by need? ... and if you miss the last ferry back? I presume that the Earl's ferry is not there any more (outcompeted)?

  2. Peter, this ferry is very useful and does serve a need as well as giving an "opportunity to have a change from the daily normal". (It is even mentioned in a Dickens novel "Little Dorrit"). If you miss the last one, the bus is excellent but takes longer. The Earl's ferry was indeed "outcompeted". He complained, and it went all the way to The House of Lords where the Duke's peers held against him in 1902. Hammerton offered a better service. In this case a "fourth rate commoner" blew a "First Rate" out of the water!! Nelson would have praised and promoted the Lieutenant in command.

  3. Nice photography. It was interesting to read your reply to Peter as well.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Atomic bombs and goggles

  4. Oh, thank you so much, dear Chuckeroon. I'm rather late with my reaction, but work has started again and I can't catch up with all my internet-activities.

    That's a wonderful phoot of a very individual ferry. It seems that the ferryman is the same kind of person as 'mine'.