Monday 20 August 2007

Mineral meets vegetable meets molecular - # 204

Scrabbling in my archive held on a separate disc I found this, taken last year. I remember that I was impressed by the harshness of the metal engine against the leaves and the water.

Added to this were the slight traces of oil on water, the late afternoon sunlight, the "aged and battered" appearance of the plastic boat. It all had a strong presence that made it more like a scene from a "Manga comic" than an outboard on a boat near Kingston upon Thames.

I probably "think too much".


  1. I fell about at your last sentence!

    Super shot. I love all those contrasts too.

  2. Fantastic technicolor shot. I really like this one. The sun is at the perfect angle to bring out all the colours beautifully.

  3. All you need is a rat or bird on it and you would have another element of nature in the photo.