Sunday 5 August 2007

Coreopsis - # 190

Here's my coreopsis. This year seems to have been absolutely ideal for helping it to expand and "go large". That's a bonus for having had to put up with the grey wet days for so long. Today we've got sun and "extra" coreopsis.


  1. Beautiful yellow flowers. I don't know of this kind but they're lovely.
    Nice photo.

  2. Hi - Rabaul here - you are obviously a very good gardener. Your flowers are lovely.
    Have left a note about vigaro (boy it is tricky getting it spelt right hey?)on my post for you.

  3. Gosh what a ding bat I am - we have just been talking about spelling and I realised i spelt it wrong - it should be VIGORO !!

  4. Flowers from your garden? How big is your garden, and how much time do you spend working on it (although, working in a garden can feel very much unlike work)?

    Regarding comments, subscribing does seem like a good idea, but I'm afraid that I'm going to get bombarded with a zillions emails.

    Wheat: all of the fields around Villigen have been havested. Some leafy vegetable/salad seedlings in some of those fields now, while others are still waiting for something.

  5. Just subscribed, I see how it works now.

  6. It seems that you have a very nice garden.

  7. Nice photograph of some lovely flowers. Our coreopsis looks dismal as we have had no rain and watering is not good as some get it and some don't get it.

    Maybe next year.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  8. I'm happy you got at least some compensation for you over-wet summer (so far)!!!