Saturday 18 August 2007

Hitting the blank wall - # 202

Shortly after I had downloaded about 10 days worth of posting shots, and before I had backed them up to the emergency store, my laptop had a serious accident. Google, Microsoft and probably others (but not me - I did everything according to instructions) played a nefarious role, but of course they are legally absolved because I use them at my own risk, don't I.
A friend of mine who is world renowned for photographic skill once said to me "When in trouble, go for Textures". So, for the time being, Textures is what it will be.
This is the Texture of my brick wall surrounding the front garden. Just pray that I can get my archive back soon, because tomorrow you will be getting another Texture (but actually it's rather nice, so don't worry too much).
Joyous thanks for the nice spare computer reserved for my wife. This one remains untweaked in the clean condition as it came out of the box, and that's how it will stay.... NO TWEAKING.


  1. is free. Large. Never any problems in many years.

    The auto side impact tests were on television in the news. They showed the actual car in the side test and nobody could survive that as the door was rally caved in. You might google it. Since it just happened it should be available online.

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  2. I found a lot of results for the side impact creash test

    is one of many.

  3. Bah, I hate it when the computing superpowers launch a coordinated attack on one's's a grand conspiracy I tells ya.

  4. All I can say is What a buggar!!!
    Good save though!!!!

  5. Ow, I feel your pain! Good luck in getting it all sorted out.

  6. The hard drive of my old laptop started to die and I quickly backed up all the files on a disk.

    But I did lose a lot of my music files.