Thursday 2 August 2007

The bouncer - # 187

Trying to photograph a village green cricket match with anything less than a 175mm high brightness lens is a dangerous game for fools: better to have a 500mm whopper and hide well away in the far distance.
Hiding behind a metal kit box at the edge of the village green I snapped this with my modest 100mm and used Picasa2 to crop and zoom in. More than once, that little red bullet flew towards me and I had to retreat.
Here we see the batsman ducking as the bowler delivers a "bouncer". Cricket requires courage and a special kind of stamina. It's not for wimps. (Clicking the photo to enlarge it will give a reasonable view)


  1. When I used to play helmets were unheard of, and only wimps wore a box

  2. Must be finals season closing in? Cricket training for my son's team started this week for the upcoming season. Matches start in early September. And school cricket as well - he has to carry his huge kit back and forth on the school bus. This year he has added wicket-keeping pads and gloves. Sees himself as a bit of an Adam Gilchrist, I think!

  3. I would say this is a nice photograph and it is of a game I have no concept of. It is strange to me. I have seen it on Dish network but I prefer football (soccer) to Cricket. I tried to learn more about it but didn't learn much. The games were on live and the announcers assumed anybody who watched would know what it was all about. Sadly, I didn't.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my abode and to comment there. I appreciate reading the comments you make.

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  4. Just wanted to say thank you for your comment on mine and for your concern. I won't say things are now as tranquil as a village cricket match, but I was able to come back home last night.

  5. Is there anything more English than this scene?! I used to live in Ash, near to Canterbury, so I miss the cricket!

    Thanks for posting this.

  6. Yesterday polo, today cricket... some very British Empire (or ex BE) sports. I would more easily follow you in rugby.

  7. Okay, polo then cricket. Are you trying to un-Americanize me?
    --steve buser
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  8. @abe lincoln - this might clear things up, although I doubt it!

    Explanation of cricket