Tuesday 28 August 2007

Dawn mist burning off- # 212

I've moved due east from the low lying Ham Pond (yesterday's post) , and climbed about 30-40 meters higher onto the great acid grassland plateau of Richmond Park.

This snap was taken 40 minutes after the pond shots, and you can see that the mist is already disappearing fast. I was pleased with the photos from around the pond, but I prefer this one.

Gloom is fine under the right circumstances, but on the whole I'm a chap who prefers the light.

There was one big disappointment with this moment..........I had just packed up and was setting off home when, right on queue, a group of deer emerged from the bushes and stood to enjoy their early breakfast in the sunlight. Alas, I could only admire, but not photograph. The moment was lost.


  1. That is a lovely view with the morning fog or smoke? Nice photography.

    Thanks for the comment about dad's clock. Also he would be 130 years old this December, not 200. LOL

  2. I few small silhouettes of men galloping away on horses in the distance would make this into a perfect wild-west shot, with the fog doubling as dust.

  3. A good idea to get up so early the other day! You got a marvellous series of photos! More to come? Too bad for the deer. A new try? (For me it would have been easier, I just use my hands and put everything on automatic; never got too deep in photo art. Maybe one day I should make an effort.)

  4. That's my favourite of the misty morning shots so far. (I sent you an email about t'other ones)