Monday 13 August 2007

Bugatti - # 197

Let's stay for a while at Brooklands: the world's first purpose-built motor racing circuit, built in 1907 by Mr. Hugh Locke King, near Weybridge.


  1. I'm guessing this photo is going to generate a lot of visits. There's just something about cars and machines. :-)

    Regarding the Stilli-Aare history, I don't think there'll be a series. Just one worthy post is all I aspire to, and I'm not sure even that will transpire.

  2. It looks like a bug/insect! Cool photo.

  3. Now this looks like the real thing! I agree with Ming - it looks like an insect - hey, perhaps one of Abraham's!

    Is Brooklands still used as a racetrack?

  4. My kids used to watch an English children's program about a racing car that got into trouble all the time - I can't remember it's name but it looks just like this car!!