Saturday 25 August 2007

You can't beat it! - # 209

Here is that "rare catch". It speeds past, you whip up the camera and either you catch it or you miss it. Fortunately I caught it - just.

It's worth clicking on the picture to enlarge it and see the laughter and joy of the riders.

Looking closely at the engine housing this looks as if it is a Rolls Royce powered fire engine dating from the late 1920s. Fire engine technology has moved on since then. Comments from fire engine chassis buffs are welcome.


  1. Reminds me of an episode from Uncle Morts North Country on the radio, by Peter Tinniswood.

    Uncle Mort: Fire brigade was much better in my day.

    Carter Brandon: Howd'ye mean?

    Uncle Mort: They had real bells, and real fireman with brass helmets and smelling of strong drink. They didn't always put the fires out, but they were a damn sight more entertaining.

    Good spontaneous capture, Chucker

  2. Worth enlarging indeed,I enjoyed it, great catch!

    I have just started a weekly photo blog of Avignon,where I now live. I hope you come and visit.

  3. Lucy you had your camera with you, as that is indeed a rare sight. Richard's comments remind me of the tv show called 'I didn't know you Cared' which had all these characters. Robin Bailey played Uncle Mort & was a very funny character.