Wednesday 22 August 2007

Late Summer delight - # 206

Have people forgotten about the fun of collecting blackberries?

The weather is all wrong, but the berries are OK.

Instead of blue sky and steady weather we have, today, more heavy rain, battleship grey cloud, north wind and 18 degrees C.

But the blackberries are coming on well, and they are full and sweet thanks to enough rain and good sun some weeks ago. There are plenty of bramble patches around us, but relatively few pickers! Here is a free harvest that is healthy and delicious, but the "townies" seem to prefer to buy little plastic boxes of exotic fruit flown in from Bongoland far away.


  1. I love both blackberries and raspberries as well as my favorite strawberries. Sorry about your weather. You need to complain to George W. Bush who is the god in the Whine House.

  2. The blackberry bounty is spectacular this yr. Agree that food from Bongoland seems to carry more cache with the world at large ...'What, me, to be seen scavenging for berries...bah, I don't think so!'

    Watching various food programmes, there are apparently a great many wild foods that are ignored as weeds. A shame.

  3. They look delish...Time to make a pie maybe?

  4. Crazy weather. Here in the north of Tenerife it's 23 degrees today, but because it's tipping down and very grey, this actually feels cold and it is a LOT lower than it should be in August. It shouldn't be raining at all, either. And we have blackberry brambles in this valley, which normally, I do collect, but amazingly, ours are not as far on as yours are and they aren't ready.

  5. Reminds me of my childhood, going out blackberrying. Just across my track, there are loads of blackberries - so perhaps I'm living my childhood again or more likely I forgot to grow up. That's it!

  6. I really enjoyed eating the odd blackberry, or 10, on my walks in the Milton Keynes countryside this summer. Lovely photo contrasting the various stages of ripeness.