Friday 10 August 2007

Empire revived - # 195

.......all is not lost. Here is the fully restored elegant viewing pagoda atop the club house of the world's first ever purpose build motor racing circuit at Brooklands, near Weybrdige, about 15 miles from Richmond.
The club house and circuit were built and completed in 1907. More of that later - the old race track has been declared a National Monument.
Our hunt continues........where did this pleasing and elegant style come from? It is classic England 1900-14: so smooth, so calming, so elegant, so remarkable yet so understated. More tomorrow.


  1. Nice to see that certain things are well preserved! The track may not be so well adapted to Formula 1, but it must have been something to assist to these races in the beginiing of last century!

    What will be left of Silverstone in 100 years?

  2. This is beautiful and good to see after yesterday's which was sad, but beautiful.

  3. That pretty thing on top. It almost looks like a pigeon's house ;-))

  4. I agree with your sentiments .....and you must have a great view from up there!!!