Tuesday 21 August 2007

Enjoying hanging out - # 205

I am still using archived shots while I wait to recover from the recent computer software accident. I thought my backup routine was good, but you live and learn.

I managed to find this image in my old store. It was taken last year when we had hot dry weather, not like today which feels as if winter is upon us!

The picture was taken through the arch tunnel of Kingston Bridge (Kingston is the next town up river from Richmond). I like the contrasts of the brick, the metal stair rails, and of course the "light at the end of the tunnel".


  1. Nice shot. I think it must be the arched beams that attracted me at the portal.

  2. Great photos Chuckeroon - even though they aren't what you wanted to see here. How frustrating for you!!! Hope it isn't "terminal"!!

    So glad you are enjoying my language lessons!! Lukim yu - Jules

  3. Awesome color/hue in the photo. Brilliantly done.

  4. I like the contrast - the warm framing, and the cool subject in the distance