Wednesday 6 June 2007

Almost totally independent - almost - # 130

Now here's a thing! 3 typical English "narrow boats" built for the narrow gauge of our old canal transport system. They've been converted to permanent, mobile homes. Zoom in and look closely: photo voltaic cells for electric power on the roof, and through the rear doors you can see some pretty fancy power switching gear; a television aerial so no luxury is missing, regardless of where you are moored. Admire the gardens and look closely at the old boot acting as a flower pot. Of course, bikes are there. A handyman carrying his skills with him can travel all over the country and find a good living. On the other hand, they might be slick London media types hooked up to broadband and "working from home" - Who knows?


  1. Narrowboating is the best! I love it! Hired one for 2 days on the River Severn...had the best trip!

  2. A nice picture and a good example of old meeting new. I was thinking the same thing about the broadband!

    I wonder how boat people get their mail?

  3. Interesting. I never heard of "narrowboating" before. They look something like the old Erie Canal boats that were pulled by horses or mules here in Ohio a long time before I was born. The paint job on the boats look pretty new. Do they not pay taxes or anything when they float around like this? There must be some motivation.

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  4. Whoever live and use the boats, I'm happy to see that they are there. I often dreamt of renting a houseboat, but family and close friends never showed any interest to join me.

    We have a large number of old barges, refurbsihed for often very nice living along the Seine. This actually gives me an idea for a post! Thanks!

  5. It looks pittoresque and idyllic, but they don't look like boats any more.

    To answer your question: If I bought a boat I would buy it for going around on holiday with it. I wouldn't like to live on one forever.

  6. Such a lovely slow way to travel.

  7. Noticed a child's tricycle and bike with training wheels on one of them. So, families as well. Wouldn't have expected it.

    Thanks for asking about the wheat. Be sure to check today's post.