Sunday 3 June 2007

Deer for Tel Aviv DP - # 127

Mandi in Tel Aviv knows and loves the deer of Richmond Park - so this one is done especially for her. I made a special trip and walked quite a long way. This little group was, unusually, separated from its main herd and had very intelligently distributed itself PRECISELY in the ring of shade caste by the tree. Animals certainly know what they are doing and how to do it!
Fortunately they are in a calm state these days and let me get to within about 6 meters.
The Park has two main herds, one of red deer and one of fallow deer. At mating time you keep your distance! The males get very touchy!


  1. A very nice shot and a nice thought for Mandi!

    So I understand that you (intelligently) also look for the shadow, when the sun shines?

    ... and I saw that you expressed yourself in the metric system! But you still make "miles" on the highway?

  2. Oh and they're like that lie down in an open space so close to the road without fence! interesting!
    have a nice day, Chuck!

  3. And it was well worth the wait. Gorgeous photo. They're really beautiful. Thanks Chuck, I really appreciate the trouble you went to.

  4. These seem to know you and are not afraid. I like that about wildlife but unfortunately there is sometimes danger in trust too. Anyway, nice shot.

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  5. Nice shot. They are so cute with their white spots. I hope none of them went on the road. That's such a danger here too for them and the drivers. I've been hit several times by deer crossing the road and jumping in front of me or hitting the car on the side. I had two hit me at once one time. Not fun.

  6. Nice shot! I love animal photos. What a nice relaxed life they seem to have.

  7. Strange contrast: the deer and the cars in the back. They are pretty ones with their spotted skin.

  8. Beautiful animals. They look so peaceful and serene.

    I wonder if they can appreciate just how good they've got it, or indeed whether the deer community finds other stresses and strains to worry about.