Monday 11 June 2007

Karl Moritz's stage coach - # 135

OK Readers! We are going in search of Karl Moritz. Click on the Karl Moritz link on the right and find his letters about going from Kensington to Richmond on the STAGE COACH!

This epic "search" will go on for many days (it's taken me weeks to prepare - it's not finished either) and try to relive some of his excitement at being a tourist in England.

Karl describes his excitement riding both inside and on the top of the stage coach. This is the top deck of a London bus. I want you to notice the artistry of the gracefully curved grab-bars and seat backs. They are very elegant. The best view is at night, from the outside, seeing the lighted bus come towards you. The upstairs is a lovely arcade of bright light and graceful yellow bars. Watch out for it. It's a good little image of typical London.

(I "tweaked" the image slightly to enhance the yellow. Sorry, but it was necessary)


  1. Mind the low bridges. I'm looking forward to the Moritz series. I found the links very interesting when I first read them. How things change is fascinating, but even more so the things that have stayed the same

  2. I don't know if it's due to the colour change, whereas it looks like a really nice day outside of the bus, on the inside it looks like a little sinister, with the 'feel' reminding me of that moment just before it starts raining. V.nice though.

    : )

  3. Yes, very nice, including the colour cheating, and looking forward to what will follow!!

    Hasn't there been a discussion about not producing the double deckers for London any more? I would hate that you answer yes, but just to know.

  4. Unfortunately it's a modern bus. I remember when their seat wasn't divided, i remember when the man came to ask you where you were going then it worked on its small machine and the ticket came out, i remember when at top deck was possible to smoke... Those were the days :-)

  5. Has the "tweaking" introduced this strange pink hue - it looks like something out of Barbarella.

  6. A paean to the bus.


    Travelling on the top and preferably at the front of a bus is THE way of admiring London from a vantage point (and for a moment or two ‘being a tourist’, with fresh eyes, like your Mr Moritz)

    Buses this clean and shiny are especially nice.

    The bus designers seem to have really put their hearts into brightening up the space, including those zingy, curvaceous bars.

    PS: I think I have worked out how you did the tweaking so it is now only a matter of time before I allow myself an experimental session with Photoshop so that I can frighten those pixels.

  7. This photo make me feels so lucky as when i was in LONDON this new one not exist yet...I was in a top deck of real double decker...Hurray ;o)

  8. cool chuck! It seems a disco or something like this!