Tuesday 26 June 2007

Karl Moritz notices the architectural gems of Petersham - # 150

Within the tiny area of Petersham Karl would have noticed a dense concentration of country mansions built by "first and second rate" gentry needing to be near the King when he too was "out of London".

I'll try to delight you by showing extra special little details of the mansions. We can be certain that this is almost exactly as Karl would have seen them, and it is the kind of detail he would have picked out.

After passing St. Peter's church in its tiny lane, Karl turns right into the narrow main road (now almost overwhelmed by motor traffic), and passes No. 143, Petersham House, built about 1680, and admires the unusual doom shape over the elegant front door. He also notices the "fire insurance plate" pinned to the wall, to advise the firemen that they will be paid for tackling the blaze.


  1. "Second rate gentry"... that sounds really nice!

    So, it's all about Peter there? St.Peter's, Petersham... I guess I must also pay a visit to Richmond.

    Yes, we already learned about these "fire insurance plates", an interesting detail.

    Anyhow, this Karl tour is really delighting!

  2. please spare a thought for the people of Sheffield

  3. Nice story and photo.

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