Saturday 9 June 2007

Niche industry flourishes - # 133

Tough's Yard at Teddington was more valuable as building land, but one mile down river towards Richmond and Twickenham the building restrictions and economics are different. So the yard on Eel Pie Island flourishes, as you can see.

The weather was very poor on the day I took this photo. Attempting to get a more striking image, I slightly increased the colour saturation. On my screen the water has taken on a nice "molten metal" appearance and the colours on the boats are brighter, but still very realistic: that's how I remember seeing them, even on the dull day. The colour and the obvious busy activity are what attracts me to the area and that's why I took the photo.


  1. It is a suitable picture and looks good on my monitor. I can see the blue sky and the white clouds too.

  2. ... and the "molten metal" water!

    I like the picture very much with this colour setting!

    Did you ever navigate on the river? I told you somewhere that I often dreamt about it.

  3. Um, "molten metal" sounds like a euphemism for leaden in this context. Tee hee!

    Eel Pie Island? You have to tell us the origin of the name. I'm thinking it doesn't sound too yummy. More tee hee!

    I sympathize with you on the subject of poor weather. I tend to try to leave out the sky and be happy about the diffuse lighting.