Thursday 21 June 2007

Towards evening we arrived at Richmond - # 145

........actually, City Daily Photo readers arrive at "the very steps" where, I firmly believe, thanks to exhaustive research, that Karl Moritz crossed the river. He crossed it on this very same day, 21st June, 225 years ago! These are the steps at the end of Ferry Lane, Kew. The crossing went from Brentford to Kew close to the site of the current Kew Bridge.

Tonight I will go in search of the inn where he might have stayed, and I will drink his health. (Well actually I have spent several nights already searching for his inn, but it is hard and needs a lot of work to check them all out!).

In the coming days we will try to look through his eyes at things as they are now. We will also follow him out of Richmond (another search for another ferry!) and make an astounding discovery about a certain tree (if I can find it and actually get a photo).


  1. Very interesting story. Love the photo. I've been reading about your Karl Moritz since you've mentioned him. Fascinating gentleman. Love your commentary.