Wednesday 15 August 2007

Setting sun on Richmond Bridge - # 199

As we move through August the quality of the light is changing. We notice this at dawn and at sunset. On this occasion the sunset had a special golden tone that is unusual. This was probably caused by the strange wet weather we are having. The view towards Richmond Hill was particularly remarkable.


  1. I remember coming here as a teenager, accompanying my best friend to meet her dad, estranged from her mum. We walked with him along the path, sat on the side and had an ice cream. I watched her enjoy the time. He seemed to enjoy it too in a much more detached way though. This was important for her. Later, we said goodbye and went home on the bus, the two of us, her trying not to cry. Sorry it's not a happy thing on your blog, but this area means that to me. Sad.

  2. I've known and walked along this path many times over the years when I'd make the trip from Isleworth into Richmond. Sadly not for a long time now, but soon perhaps. It's one of the timeless views (using that word a lot these days) of Richmond Bridge, and a lot better than being stuck on it in a car.

    As such it's been a favourite with artists (Turner had a house close by). I like this watercolour, which shows that the path was used in much the same way 150 years ago
    Richmond Bridge Watercolour

  3. Nice shot. Colors are so soft.

  4. Richard, tks so much for that stunning water colour addition to this posting.....amazing to see how unchanged it is!!!

  5. Ah, the light, the golden light which makes everything pretty. Well, prettier, at least!

    I saw some pre-pre-dawn farming activity in one of the areas near Villigen and thought of your comment about the winter wheat needing to be in by the 16th of August. I haven't had the chance to be out in the fields much, and it doesn't look like I will until September so I'm probably going to miss a lot.