Wednesday 7 November 2007

Autumn colour: is this the "last shout"? - # 285

This shot looks across from the Twickenham bank towards the boathouses on the Richmond side. These boathouses host the canoeists you saw last week, launching their boats .

On this day the brilliant sun was creating a lovely blue on the river and the autumn colours really stood out. Now the weather is changing and we may soon lose the colour as November advances.


  1. Your photos are so much better when they are big!
    They get lost in these itty bitty templates - can't you pick a different template so you can have bigger photos?
    (i know you can click on them, but it's just not the same)
    I don't think you are doing your photos the justice they deserve!

  2. Yes, good that you were in time for this photo! The colours are leaving us. I found also a lot of "naked" trees in Paris today!

  3. wow! nice shot! =) I like it! the view is just great, and I hope it's not going to be the last shot. as for me, I enjoy this time of the year. hopefully it'll last for some more time ;)

  4. Awesome photo! It looks really calm and peaceful there. I won't mind take a boat down the river for the weekend.

  5. Have only just got the phone lines back - yes our mysterious phone-line-chopper was at it again last night, so have only just been able to check my page today (it is 10:30 pm here). So i thought I'd belt over to you "quickly" to see my Autumn photo - and it is a beauty! Thank you so much - you have made my very isolated day here not so isolated at all. Am off to bed hope to post tomorrow - if there are phone lines.
    Cheers & nitety nite!!!
    PS Your page is lovely and short so i can download it without too much tearing out of hair!!!!

  6. This is just lovely. I'd love to be walking along the tow path (is that the correct term?) love the way you've framed the photo with the trees and grasses.