Sunday 11 November 2007

Remember Tommy. He was indeed, a very fine lad - # 289

November 11th, a day of rememberance for all who died in war.


  1. Nice tribute to the war dead. War dead goes way, way back in time. I can't imagine what this world would be like today had those dead been allowed to live. Cancer cures. Space travel. Gravity solutions. Who knows what their minds could have developed for all of us. It is a sad day.

    This old man's post brought tears on this Veteran's Day but not because I am a Korean War era veteran.
    The Squirrel's Nest

  2. What a wonderful photo chuckeroon - love the towering cross - so very moving and powerful

    In Australia the interest in the wars has really grown and a new generation has said - Yes we are interested and yes we want to keep these traditions going. The numbers of young people turning up at Rememberance Day, ANZAC Day ceremonies etc has grown - how is it over there?

  3. Yes...Poppy Day. Funny how remembrance day is held on exactly the same date (11th Novemeber) as Poland's Independence Day. Yesterday, it was a BIG holiday...with the national flags hanging from every building, bus, name it!

  4. We had the usual 11 November ceremonies here also. Somehow renewed this year around the Place de l'Etoile, with participation of the young generation - to make them aware! There seems to be only two survivors left now in France from the WW one!
    Oldmanlincoln is right: What could have been the contribution of the millions who died?