Monday 26 November 2007

Moonrise - # 304

The full moon rising - snapped last night with the camera jammed against the window frame and the shutter held open for about 15 seconds.

The sky looked pitch black, but the long exposure brought out some unseen colour. The golden caste on the clouds is due to the lights of London: and the silvery blue of the (black) sky above starts to appear.

Never believe what you see in a photo! I tweaked the camera and took another snap. It came out looking like a glorious morning dawn. Photo Fun.


  1. Great picture!
    It looks too bright for a moon... hhmmm if I were you, I would doctor it and make it look like a UFO or something :)

  2. Aha - truth and photography - now were will I start.....

  3. This is just perfect. Very beautiful.

  4. Great shot - and it really does demonstrate the whole light pollution thing, doesn't it?

    It's amazing the colours the long exposures reveal. I took a picture of what was, to all intents and purposes, a black sky the other night, and it came out red (it will feature on my blog later this week, I was really pleased with it, though like many of my photos it was more luck than judgment!).