Tuesday 6 November 2007

By hardship to the stars a/k/a Spacestation 42 - # 284

This was supposed to be number 11 in the series "the Cafes of Richmond", but it sort of took off and got away from me, and just kind of floated off into space, like, well, you know what I mean, and stuff happens.

Actually, it's the ceiling lights in Costa's cafe. WARP DRIVE: weeeeeeeeeeeooooosh. (By the way, those in the know will be well aware that the secret of the universe is "42".)


  1. Yes, but the dolphins age getting ready to leave and there's that Vogon demolition ship floating out there somewhere and...

    Oh. Back to Earth. Or not. This picture is wonderfully creative - close encounters of the espresso kind.

    And, yes, I always carry my towel. My "Don't Panic" button is pinned to the corkboard next to my desk. Really.

  2. Ooooh, you shouldn't have told us how you took this one! I was ready to believe in UFO's !!!!
    Brilliant shot!

    And to answer your question about my post today, my seagull shot was one of about 20, chasing the poor thing and its mates around until one of them turned around just SO!
    Directing wildlife to behave the way you want takes skills that I don't fully master yet but in the end the seagull got the idea and modelled beautifully for me!

  3. That's the RAF motto isn't it? Not Cap'n Kirk. Or H2G2...

  4. Life, the universe and everything. So long and thanks for all the fish.

  5. I have of course studied the 42 theory very carefully, but in my own calculations I came to 51. What is your opinion about the 42?

  6. That was a question on "Temptation" on the tele last night (secret of the universe thing=42).

  7. @chucker - yahoo steadfastly refuses to accept any of my emails to you. I get a message

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    Sorry for posting all this garbage on your blog, but it's the only way we can communicate at the moment

  8. It looks like a spaceship in the sky.

  9. your amazing black & white universe again! impressive graphic!