Friday 16 November 2007

White-out - # 294

...we continue our walk along the Twickenham bank of the Thames opposite Richmond, snapping things from different angles.

This prestigious luxury development stands on the the site of one of those weird planning and commercial development disasters that are typical of the dreaded plagues that attack the reputations local municipal councils.

The site originally hosted an important and much liked ice rink - a valuable sports facility for quite a wide area. The council promoted a redevelopment of the site but, after an enormous amount of wrangling, "fouled up" and totally failed to negotiate a replacement of the rink. The politicians and officers may say that "it was not for want of trying".........but the burgers of Richmond still (rightly in most people's opinion) blame them for a massive failure. So, today, Richmond has no ice rink, and the nearest one is quite a long journey away.


  1. Sad - my father played ice-hockey there in the late 1930's - it was always an institution. The photo has a beautiful limited tone palette that I really appreciate, but I feel aggrieved

  2. An architectonically interesting building.

  3. One can almost imagine skating around and around on all those levels.

  4. Oh my, what a spectacular looking building. How much would an apartment in there cost?

    I hear London is the world's most expensive city now.