Monday 5 November 2007

Mud larking- # 283

At the end of October we get the last of the very high, so called "Spring" tides. The next very high Spring tide will come in 6 months' time - in Spring. This October high tide carries boats up to the highest possible resting point, and leaves them on the mud until April when they can be floated off again.

This natural phenomenon allows sailors to maintain their boats high and dry on the mud and then float them back easily when the sailing season comes again.

The river authority can also open the control gates at the time of the very lowest tides and allow the level of the water to sink to the minimum and carry out maintenance to the banks. This is the time when all the old bicycles and super-market shopping trolleys - and the occasional dumped fire arm - appear, and can be collected.

This photo shows the boats moored at Hammerton's Ferry, and attempts (with only limited success) to catch the glamour of the bright October sun shining on the wet mud as the tide goes down.


  1. Thats an interesting picture today and the information about the high tide and the boats is interesting too.

    Glad you liked the stories about the store. It was built in 1848 and is occupied by a young family bent on restoring it and living in it.

    Thanks for the generous comment on my blog today.

    I do appreciate your visits.

    I spent most of today working on my website at and added sections on Butterflies, Moths and Bumblebees. If you go I think you might be surprised.

    Thanks again.

    Abraham Lincoln

  2. I do love your new black and white series of pics! Always the best format!

  3. this is gorgeous B&W photo!!!
    really like it

  4. Another great moody b/w shot.

  5. Very interesting info about the tides!

  6. Strange how nature works together with the plans of people.

  7. I just visited the Andreas Gursky exhibition in Basel, so the thing that caught my attention here was the guy on the bicycle - interesting B+W treatment, very contrasty but it catches the glare and harshness of the reflected light

  8. You have a great eye for black and white...

  9. How great to live near a good river like this one! Great pic as well.