Sunday 4 November 2007

Richmond Hill, at night from across the river - # 282

....another unusual shot, looking towards the famous Terrace above the river on Richmond Hill. I am standing on the opposite bank to catch the reflections in the river. The white streak in the sky is an airliner on its descent path to land at Heathrow, 15 miles away. The large building on the right is the Star and Garter home for wounded ex-servicemen, (still full today even after its foundation in 1920). I wonder what Karl Moritz would have made of this "Vision of Britain" had he seen it on his visit to Richmond in 1782.


  1. Very interesting shot. It's very relaxing to look at. You should have said that it was an UFO in the sky, rather than a plane!

  2. Very interesting in black and white.

  3. Really nice! Didn't you promise to come back to Karl's voyage?

  4. Lovely reflective quality...enhanced by the black and white...

    Pray who was Karl Moritz?

  5. brilliant B&W~~~~
    i like this one!!

  6. Very nice in black and white. Is that an airplane or a ufo in the sky?

    Thanks for your recent comments at South Shields Daily Photo