Sunday 18 November 2007

Cleaning up - # 296

First frosts have struck and brought down the leaves in the gardens all over Richmond.

The Head Gardener's team at Ham House is busy and making full use of modern machines, and mini-tractors. Imagine the army of employed gardeners and who would have been kept busy in 1610. On other hand, imagine that in 1610 the trees would have been tiny saplings, freshly planted, and the lawns would have been a bit bare as the newly sown grass began to take hold.


  1. Yes, just imagine how it would have been in 1610. I love looking back like this.

    As for Perfectly Stable. Oh really?!

  2. Hope all the leaves are collected up and mulched, as it's very good for the garden.

  3. It would be interesting to discover that all the leaves were once used and not discarded.

  4. I guess the leaves are now gone everywhere - in northern Europe!

  5. Definitely not my favorite chore when I was growing up in a house with a huge back yard.

    I remember telling my parents (at the tender age of 10) that when I grow up, I would buy a place without a garden.

    And my wish came true. Now I live in an apartment building in the city.