Tuesday 20 November 2007

The river gives up its treasure trove of stolen bikes- # 298

First...thanks to the kind regulars who said nice things about yesterday's experiment with candle light and twinkly glass etc.

Anyway... a week ago I mentioned how the river will soon start revealing its lost treasures. Here are two of them..............two bikes dumped into the weir and now revealed as the water level is allowed to sink below normal.

When I grew up in the 40's and 50's a bike was a rare treasure and the only means of transport for the hard working man. Stealing...let alone stealing and then DUMPING(!)......a bike was a crime that struck against the very concept and fabric of social solidarity. Strange times we now live in.


  1. What a fabulous photograph. So much energy from the weir. we seem to live in a throwaway world. Sad.

    Isn't weir an interesting word? Wonder where it came from?

  2. Really interesting. Sad how people steal things like bikes...and what for? Only to discard them into the local river?!! Shocking!!

  3. I would need that bike now; we have a tranpsort strike! My bike has flat tires and the ones to lease (there are 20000) are all occupied!

  4. How exciting!
    This is almost a photo of something ugly!
    The dark underbelly of Richmond emerges (can an underbelly "emerge"?)!
    I don't think the times we live in are any stranger than any other time in history.
    Violence in the home was an accepted part of a lot of peoples lives and society in general, not too many years ago! That's pretty strange!
    Now, I'm not sure if glenn is being sarcastic or does he really find dumped bicycles shocking?
    So, are we going to get an even uglier photo tomorrow - just how down and dirty can you get?

  5. Not your prettiest...but at least you have made free falling a happy customer...te he...but as I am sure you will agree photography is about the gut...whether it gets you in the gut because it's beautiful, poignant, shocking or meditative...I think this falls into the meditative...food for thought...

  6. Aren't you glad it didn't yield a body tossed into the river by the mafia?

  7. There are various reasons the bikes could have ended up in the river. Maybe easier than getting refuse collection to take them away for example. Freefalling is right, but I'm not sure there was always the level of mindless vandalism that we have today