Thursday 22 November 2007

Look! I'm late already!- # 300

As I wander about Ham House helping to repair the unrepairable I am always impressed by the way that the 17th c architect contrived to allow plenty of natural light to flood in. Even the below-ground cellar and kitchen area is lit by sunlight. This painting is on the main stairs and the window faces east.

If "Freefalling" reads this..........this picture comes from the head. There's nothing in it about the gut. Keep up the enquiry, you are getting closer.


  1. Oh man - are you gunna make me read that Schiller thing?
    I don't think I'm smart enough.
    Couldn't you just spell it out for me?
    I liked yesterday's post - it was interesting - I especially liked the graffiti bit.

  2. *Peter - oh yes sir, Dad! Have you seen it - it's really long and really tricky and makes my head hurt.
    *Chuckeroon - so far here is what I have learned "for Schiller, those to whom feelings mattered most were savages".
    You know what that makes me!
    So, if this photo comes from the head, what does that make you?
    Come on - help me out just a little, I still don't get it - do you have some simple language to explain, for those of us who are poor thick ignoramuses.

  3. I'm all for natural illumination! I simply must visit Ham House sometime.

  4. This is such an evocative photo - I find your photos very edgy and atmospheric - they always grab me young Chuckeroon (wish I could call you something else) it reminds me of that horror movie about Chucky!!!!