Friday 9 November 2007

Recycling: heavy industrial grade - # 287

The old tug will eventually be refitted and made as good as new. The Twickenham side of the river has a lively boat repair industry. Across on the Richmond bank you can see the canoe sheds from which the stars of recent photos have been launched.
Today's photo is late. I've been in the loft doubling the thickness of insulation. Yuck! The face mask was quite black when I came out and undressed. So, I'm glad that wore it. I don't want to go back again, ever!

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  1. I've enjoyed browsing through your recent photos, Chuckeroon. When I came to the mudlarking one, I wondered how you're doing with those predicted possible floods. I've not seen any news in six hours or so. Hope all's well.