Thursday 29 November 2007

Look at what's under your nose - # 307

Wondering what to do, I realised that my old apple tree is offering me a lot of opportunities to play with my camera and explore the tree's Autumn coat of typical apple tree "knarliness".

Here's the intriguing coat of growth on an old but very healthy fruit bearing branch.

I broke the rules and did not use a tripod, and I used auto-focus. Good old Olympus! More photo fun. This was done with "flash off" and set to "Cloudy" and WB set 3 ticks down into the red spectrum. Pseuds' Corner for me, and early to bed with no television!!!


  1. Under your nose! I think you need to by a new shaver, or use a handkerchief more often.

    I don't think you always need a tripod (fast aperture judging by the DOF, and you'd want the DOF anyway). Ever read John Wyndhams "Trouble with Lichen"? - you might be on to something

  2. Wonderful. Something about old apple trees like this - says Kent to me but I know you are not there. And you didn't need a tripod.

  3. Oh - I do love a good lichen.
    I think they are very beautiful.
    So.. you usually use a tripod for all your shots - what is it exactly that a tripod achieves?