Sunday 25 November 2007

Look! You dropped your whistle! You dive in and get it!- # 303

Two of our local officers taking a close interest in the river.
(You have probably archive is running down and I'm seeking a new infusion of inspiration. I can't blame the weather, but City DP requires you to get out and about and roam around like a prowling ginger cat. I'm a bit pre-occupied with some other tasks.)


  1. well they don't look tense enough to be looking for a body. Perhaps they've noticed Chuckeroon swimming past with a pint in his hand.

  2. Do they still have whistles? I think that's so cute. Most other countries they have guns....

  3. Perhaps they were looking for the one that got away!

    I sympathise with the supply of photos. It can be a bit of a chore at times, especially when you don't get anything. I try and take about 3 photos a day, which isn't always successful.

  4. Do they still not have guns?
    Growing up on a diet of "American cop shows", we always found it amusing when watching "The Bill" when the police flicked out those menacing batons!

  5. interesting post Chuckers!