Saturday 10 November 2007

The sun always shines (but Karl Moritz couldn't find it) - # 288

The Sun Inn always looks spectacular, day time or night time. This photo was taken earlier in the year during my search for the inn where Karl Moritz might have stayed on his visit to Richmond in 1782. According to library records, there was an inn more or less on the site of the Sun, so he might have found a room at this spot. We cannot be certain. We know that the inn where he stayed was difficult to find after his evening walk on the Hill. Therefore I conclude that he did not stay at the Ship, which is close to the Hill, and was the official mail-coach inn at the time. Perhaps the Ship was full and he had to stay elsewhere; perhaps at the site of the Sun which is at the other end of town. As a stranger and he would need to look for it in the twilight after taking his inspiring evening walk.

The search for Karl's inn developed into the R. u. T. "Bar Fly" series.


  1. aha - I this is the Sun Inn that I was thinking of when we talked about rugby pubs recently - just along from Richmond theatre.

    You commented on my Montmartre post that the photographic themes are similar, and indeed they are - we're both using bright light in a night setting to provide us with the subject, so that you can use a reasonable exposure time and not rely on a tripod

  2. although I think I've got your comment mixed up with the previous post

  3. You're right, the inn looks lovely at night.

    It's a pity that Karl could not Orbitz his Ship reservation online ;-)

    Have you crossed over to the "dark side"...uhm, I mean, Richard's b&w side?

  4. I'm happy to see that you have not forgotten Karl!