Saturday 19 January 2008

Away with the grey!!!! - # 358

This photo is being posted as a sort of protest (or cry for help) against the effects of La Nina on the British weather today.

Last Saturday we had one brief moment of relief before the rain and thick grey clouds returned. Day after day, and without a single break, relentless thick grey cloud covers the skies (sometimes two or three layers deep) and rain pours down in almost tropical quantities.

This bright and sun-filled photo shows window cleaners on the South Bank arts centre. It was taken last weekend when 'roony invaded Ham's territory -

Camera: Olympus E3


  1. Yes it is.
    80+ flood warnings!
    I'm with you Chuckeroon.

    Alex's World! -

  2. And there's more to come. Great photo.

  3. Not a job I want to do! nice shot.

  4. Holy smokes! They look to be hanging from ropes. It is "0" degrees here at my house this morning. Not a good time to wash windows or anything else.

  5. It also shows one of the most dismal art installations - those lights.