Thursday 31 January 2008

Jesus wore Ray Bans here - # 08/03

Looming through the morning mists, on the main road across from the river is the Brentford MacDonalds, accompanied by factories and social housing units, and close-by luxury apartments (It's a good mixed community). About 17 years ago it was still one of those rather rough, terrifying pubs with a large back room where "Indi-Bands" could play and the Landlord gave them a share of the takings. My son played there on his Fender Stratocaster, with his mates. At that time Russian business colleagues would slap me on the back in Moscow and say "Hey, tell me! How is Jesus?"

Recently the British Government approved MacDonalds's training courses as giving the equivalent to an "A Level" (18 year old school leaver's certificate). The newspaper reports I saw gave a very favourable impression. So good old MacDonalds!! But "Good Bye, Jesus".


  1. Jesus Wore Ray-Bans - who could forge their classic concert back on 1992? :)

  2. It's good that McDonald educates, but would you be proud to put a McDonald degree in your CV? Who knows, maybe one day...

  3. When Sir Thomas Beecham was asked if he had ever conducted any Stockhausen (lately deceased) he is reputed to have replied "No, but I think I might have trodden in some once". Why am I reminded of this quote?

    I know that CDP is not strictly about photography, but I think I have to chastise you about this image Chucker... maybe a guest posting? 'tho the story is nice....

  4. I thought I should clarify the last post, and make it clear that "trodden in" related to MacDonalds, and not to Chucker's photo, although given the quality of his recent stuff, I was disappointed.
    Now that I'm back, though, I need to get something off my chest and apologies for using RuT for the purpose.

    So - the media are applauding the "MacDonalds University" - nothing against people improving themselves, but where did our (UK) sense of our own worth go? We used to take pride in building ships, and then aircraft and automobiles. Then we conceded that other people could do it cheaper/better. So then we thought we'd become the service/call-centre of excellence,and now other people can do that better/cheaper. So, thank God, we're can become the world centre of MacDonalds excellence, and everyone claps their hands.
    Unfortunately the lives of the rest of the UK seem to be driven now by those who inhabit and thrive on the new "City State of London".
    Richmond excluded..

    Well there you go, I've said it

  5. An interesting post. I smiled a few times while reading.

  6. @Richard & @Abe....I think I hit my target perfectly.