Saturday 5 January 2008

Cold, damp and wild in Richmond Park 3- # 344

Old trees and tress brought down by storms are stacked to provide homes for beetles and fungi to flourish in. I liked the twists in this old trunk (a bit like a barber's pole). The shaft of sunlight was a nice accident and I chose this out of three or four versions taken on the Olympus C7070 WZ.

Thanks to all the kind visitors who left birthday comments yesterday. My replies are:
@ RamblingRound…thanking you, and wishing well also. Yr visits are always appreciated.

@Neva… are very kind. I must say I was psd to catch these two relaxing away from their gang of cousins.

@Fabrizio… Italian is never late, because his arrival is always welcomed. And yes, I am tired and the days when I could jump up at 23.00 hrs and say “Let’s drive 1,000 miles NOW, to see our Italian friends" are certainly gone. Tks for dropping in. A glass of Barrolo will always be ready for you.

@Freefalling….your visits are a treat, and stimulating. A: No, the deer are not on Common Land. It’s Crown Land. That means it’s my land but it isn’t my land. I can still stake out my goat on Common Land, but not on Crown Land. However, by the graciousness of Her Majesty (who is ultimately myself depending on which side of the law I am standing) I am allowed to pick up sticks on Crown Land (my land) to take home for my humble fire. My Profound Thing to Share?… 63/64 you feel the same as you did at 18. If only we could benefit more from “experience”, and find a way to extract more of the gold that lies deep within everyone.

@April….Tks. I assume you are German. Germany has always been good to me, and my career was based on knowing the German language.

@Z…..How nice, and how characteristic that my Indian(?) cyber-friend and wheat expert calls me Chuckles….that’s nice. I am a great fan of India and this is made even more enjoyable by my Punjabi daughter-in-law who is frightfully joyful and very, very noisy.

@Tony…..Tks mate! Have one for me in the White Cross.

@Jacqui…..Tks. I do enjoy your regular little “macro-shots”; always pleasing and calming.

@Antonia….Bulgaria has visited!!! Always welcome here.

@Jilly…..Dear Jilly, No honest, I am still only 8. I can be utterly childish at times.

@MarydeB…..Thank you.

@Oldmanl…..Abe, the stags are the “Queen’s Own”, so actually they are mine!!! However, the “Queen” would be very cross if I shot one. As you can tell, I am a long way away from the beasts, and using the 400mm lens. They knew I was there, but knew they could deal with me “He’s puny. I’m big”.

@Richard…..tks. Your visits are always warmly welcomed.


  1. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it a lot. 400mm??? Wowwweeee!

  2. You are too kind! but still, another great photo....I have to admit to awe with some of these photos I see....for a little point and shooter, I feel I am playing with the big shots!!!(and will never catch up!)

  3. Love the textures and the shaft of light.

  4. the way the old trees look when left is something else and works even better in B/W


  5. Wonderful photo. I like that beam of light. Thanks for all the thanks! You very gracious.

  6. oh - that's a nice surprise.
    I always felt you thought my comments were a little "jejune" or disingenuous. I don't feel quite so self-conscious now!

    What I have enjoyed about you tree photos is the twistiness of the trees. I wonder why they grow like that.

  7. Love this picture. Trees, even when they have expired, seem to have as much character as many 'living' organisms. Beautiful things.

    ps - i don't know how you do it, but the pictures just keep on getting better and better...good work.