Friday 11 January 2008

Shapes and shadows - # 350

Just me playing with textures and light and shapes.


  1. It's sort of fun to see you having so much fun! Nice to have the sunshine, eh? This time of year in Villigen, any day when there are shadows to be seen is a nice day. My personal experience based on my time here.

    Ah yes, wheat... Must take those photos before too long...

  2. I had an immediate physical/emotional reaction to this photo.
    It's the tree.
    It looks .... dead - yeah I know it's dead but dead like in human dead, "kilt", "moidered" - you know what I mean?
    And his face is all blank - like it's been rubbed out.
    And it has that bloated look dead bodies get.
    I really do find it genuinely disturbing - great, isn't it?

  3. Well, FF....look at it this way. 1) it might appear soon in your living room as a nice coffee table or 2) it will provide food for beetles which will end up inside a song bird.

    Kids love it....they play on it for hours.

  4. I'm not sure whether I like this one of not. It is perhaps a little 'busy' and you can't work out what is the main focus of the picture.

  5. @G's Man....well, what's going on is just me playing about with.....etc. I did several using different settings. After that, I realised that I hadn't really done a Daily Photo. You guessed. Well done!

  6. I quite like it because of the unusual treatment of the seat - like a peripheral afterthought. I don't like the way the shadow sort of ends on the tree though - kind of jolts me

    (Are we seeing any fun run photos? - let me know how you got on anyway)

  7. @All.....tks! The seat position has been carefully chosen from about 4 different versions. White Balance and exposure were also played with. The shadow positions are done on purpose, but with no particular message beyond that they are shadows of objects. R's comment on the head position intrigues me.