Tuesday 29 January 2008

Something old, something new......- # 08/01

........something being discarded, something being proposed, and something being pushed into the background.

Just across the Richmond Bridge, on the northern bank of Thames, lies the community of Brentford. It's an amalgamation of very old, very new, and, unlike Richmond, it's wholly "industrial" in essence. While Richmond tends to live off the spending power of others, it is in communities like Brentford where spending power is created. Actually, in today's modern economy and demography of Britain that's not a proposition I would like to argue over, or be tested too closely on: but in very crude, general terms it differentiates the nature of the two areas. Richmond = leisure, Brentford = manufacturing.

Over the coming days we'll walk about in Brentford.

Camera: Olympus E3. Weather: very misty, about 8 degrees C.


  1. First, am so sorry I missed your big day - have left a message on your post (super photo) for that day.

    this is interesting. I can't imagine what you will find in Brentford - I might go running back to look at Richmond photos....but I shall look forward with great interest.

    Thanks for comment today, Chuckeroon. All those were taken on the same day, of course, hence the sun problem. We've had one good day since, when I could have gone up to the village to take more - but I couldn't for other reasons. When I'm available, it's a miserable day. Now doesn't that make you feel better. Cloudy and cold today.

  2. I like your photos of less pretty scenes - somehow they mean more.

  3. Chuck, what a great post today. I'm way behind in commenting.

    I would certainly appreciate your posting a condolence message in my blogs today for the wife of a good blogger friend...


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  4. Difficult to find the right balance. We have these concentrations, also in demography. Central London (and Paris) on the way to become just a place for a few wealthy people and tourists. We must find ways to keep reasonable mixtures!