Tuesday 15 January 2008

"The Cruel Sea" in memoriam - # 354

Today there are flood warnings again all around Britain as the foul weather surges in from the Atlantic bringing dangerously high winds and huge quantities of rain.

I'm pleased to say that I captured the scene just as I wanted it......the waves on the pond, the flotilla of little coots toughing it out. They make me think of WWII corvettes on anti-submarine patrol in the Atlantic in 1941.
Camera: Olympus E3


  1. The sea offers both cruelty and joy--sort of like life, isn't it? You should be pleased with the photo--a good one. I had to laugh at your comment about my post today of the pig's head! Thanks always for stopping by!

  2. Very good post, also and blog marvellous as the photographs

  3. As usual a very powerful moody photo.

    Those ducks look very cold and wind blown.

    Keep warm!!!

  4. Hope England doesn't suffer the same fate as last year. Weather terrible here too - endless rain, autoroute closed, fallen rocks and boulders, bla bla. Another super photograph.

  5. I remember reading "the Cruel Sea" when I was a teenager - at that time WWII was a real memory for my parents. Seems very distant now. To be pedantic, well just curious really, did we have "corvettes" in WWII. I must have built every Airfix model warship when I was a kid and I don't remember ever having a corvette. Only destroyers, cruisers and battleships

  6. Your reference to the pictures from the Atlantic (and the North Sea) did not immediatley come to my mind, but you are right, it seems very adequate (and in b&w of course)!