Thursday 3 January 2008

Cold, damp and wild in Richmond Park 2 - # 342

The area near Kingston Gate is low, darkish and damp (being part of the depression that is the valley of the Beverley Brook). There is a stand of large Beech Trees. At this time the branches are bare. The branches look like the amazing fan vaulting of a magnificent, high, North European Gothic cathedral.

Camera: Olympus C7070 WZ


  1. I like this, but I see more human resemblances than architectural (what sort of humans do I know, I hear you say). Something about the tones as well - seems alive

  2. Beautiful trees, nature having worked out all the correct angles to support the mass. You must be a bit of a poet underneath Chuck.

    Happy New Year.

  3. the new look...the new layout gives each shot real presence...thank you for your New Year wishes...may you too have a truly super 2008...

  4. At this time of the year, you would hardly see any difference between a b&w and colour photo! I like this one very much!