Monday 28 January 2008

Changing gear - # 08/00

Thanks to all who kindly sent their good wishes celebrating 365 days.

@Freefalling.......?????? - I thought you would like an exceptional mention rather than a generic nod. Is there a hidden reticence lurking under that leathery tan?

Don't panic, dear lurkers. I have not deserted to the "Darkside". Nor have I invaded Ham's lair. This snap of the London Eye is too good to miss out. It's very nice in colour, too.


  1. WooooooW!!!!!! What a beautiful picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Hey, how did you know I had a leathery tan?! (I also have broad shoulders, a chiseled jaw, a blond quiff and a surfboard).
    Sorry, about the insecurity - it comes from being the first-born (or is the second-born that has that problem?).
    Don't you just wanna spin and spin and spin that wheel and send it whirling off into the stratosphere?

  3. ... and what about the shot from the top of the wheel?

  4. Nice pic: capturing a kind of jewel of engineering

  5. Nice one, but I bet you didn't get a free flight and champagne reception.

    And I do let others come and photograph London - for a price. (I come cheap)