Sunday 27 January 2008

The funky flautist - # 365

Have a happy weekend! As for 'roony........he's achieved one whole year of City Daily Photo.

At times it has been exhausting. It's amazing how you suddenly find you have developed a sense of responsibility towards your loyal supporters.

My thanks go in the first place to DXBluey of Dubai (currently resting) who started me off (although Eric of Paris, who started CDP, takes the head of the table as King Overall).

Thereafter, Gerald England of Hyde, Isabella in Naples, Denton in Ohio, OldManLincoln, Lynn of Cheltenham, Ham of London, and the masterly Richard in Zurich must be saluted because of their welcoming style and great helpfulness.

I must mention dear Jing, in Shanghai (although she may not know it because of the "Great Firewall of China").

There is of course a certain Peter in Paris, who supports us all.......he has enormously broad shoulders.

The rest, Jilly, Jules, Fabrizio, Z, Curly, Nathalie, Cergie, and a whole bunch of others are counted as kind "cyber friends" whose contributions challenge, excite and encourage (Freefalling of Australia is not forgotten).

The music will continue to play.

Camera: Olympus E3.


  1. well done on completing your first year - here's to your second.

  2. 'roon,

    I'm so happy and pleased that you've made 365 days. That is such a great achievement.

    What you've done, and what many DPers have done, is amazing - 1 photo a day for a year is easy - what is hard is the thought, effort, dedication, process, etc...

    I have been resting - I'm getting a new toy in a couple of weeks - a Sony A700 DSLR and I will return to posting, just not daily, but I do have some nice plans :)

    So happy you made it to this stage. I check you out everyday and looking foreward to many more of your shots.

    You have become a really great photographer.

    Well done my friend.

    Grant aka DXBluey

  3. Well done - and it's very nice to get lumped in with your mates, considering all the abuse you get...

    I was thinking about you as I sat by the lumbering Rhine this weekend in Düsseldorf and Köln - I knew you had past connections. The big boats are still plying up and down, and you can still feel the rumble of a big powerhouse as you watch the proceedings

  4. Lucky you said he was a flautist.
    I thought he was drinking beer from one of those weird glass things with a glass bally thing at the bottom (yeah - I don't know their proper name).
    I think it is a real achievement to have posted everyday for a year and as DXBluey says - it's easy to just post any old photo every day - it's all the other stuff that is the challenge. So, congratulations to you.
    I'm a bit disturbed I've been put in a category all alone! I'm not sure what to make of that. (I know; I defy description? - perhaps, an antipodean to be tolerated?)

  5. Happy 1st birthday. Nottingham DP will be 2 in March. I agree it is hard but rewarding work, and it's sometimes difficult to find decent situations to take. Here's to year 2.

  6. I was sure I was commenting and congratulating yesterday, and saying something about one year and exactly 365 posts... but obviously not. So I do it now! Bravo!!

  7. Chuckeroon - so sorry I missed your big day! Love the photo.

    I'm dead chuffed to be listed as a cyber friend, which indeed I am - or perhaps I should say, you are to me. I'm so grateful for your photography help - always so encouraging.

    on to the next year. Mind comes up in February - so not so far behind you.

    Well done again - many congratulations.

  8. Hey, congratulations, you should be crawling soon. I'm reliably informed that time flies when you're having fun, one day I hope to find out.