Thursday 10 January 2008

Blocks and shapes and shadows - # 349

This probably won't set the blood racing through the veins of my "lookers and lurkers", so why is it here?

As said a couple of days ago, I like the effect of buildings glimpsed quickly through trees etc. and I'm intrigued as to why the blocks, curves and corner angles of buildings "please" us. I'm also intrigued as to why they look better (often, but not always) in B&W. What is it about variations of grey? This building is nothing to "write home about", but it has pleasing features that are worth picking out. It's location and view from the top of the ridge looking out from Richmond Park is stunning.

Over the next few days some more blocks, shapes and shadows will appear.

Camera: Olympus C7070 WZ


  1. I love Pembroke Lodge and has such a great history too...

  2. What's the story with chimney pots?
    Are they just for decoration or do they serve a purpose?

  3. No doubt on which isle this photo is taken!