Tuesday 22 January 2008

Warm reflections - # 361

Tidetables Cafe inside an arch of Richmond Bridge is a warm and popular haunt.
I've featured it before, but could not resist this new image showing the busy welcoming interior and the reflections of the riverside houses.

Camera: Olympus C7070 WZ


  1. Colour! Wonderful. I love your black and whites, but this is a nice one.

  2. Wow, this gives me a weird feeling (but in a good way).
    I hope this doesn't sound too wanky, but when I enlarge your photo, I feel like I've stepped through a wormhole and I'm in that cafe!
    I can see what that lady is reading about and the kid's clips sliding out of her hair, and the grey lady - what is she thinking about? - and the man with the asian face - see how he is listening - and the old dude outside on the bench with that slightly bewildered look old people get and the reading guy with the double chin.
    It feels very intimate.

  3. So much detail in one photo.

    I clicked to see the larger format and the wealth of details in the photo are quite amazing.

  4. Love reflection shots - this is wonderful!

  5. Can only but agree with the previous commentators! Nice reflection, a lot of details...!

  6. @FreeFalling....tks, and glad you found so much in it. Congratulations on spotting the Oldster....you can see him in the next Posting.

    You can also see me in the picture...the lens of the big E3 can be seen and I'm clutching the smaller C7070 at waist height to take the picture.