Saturday 26 January 2008

Running away from big trees - # 364

We'll make this the last of the shots of the enormous (I reckon they must be at least 200 years old - bear with me, and I will ask the Council's tree department) plane trees.

Thanks are owed to the "French School" for their kind comments. I'm sure that in France these trees would have been "pollarded" and held within some rather tight "rational" limits that conform to "Theory" rather than "Common Sense". Please allow me my small "John Bull" joke about our beloved conquerors who arrived in 1066 and decided to stay.

I read the other day a nice, perceptive comment in an authoritative journal........"Success in either France or Britain tends to drive the one or the other into a frenzy of productive anger and competition that has a beneficial outcome". Indeed, what would Britain be without France?


  1. Bravo! A full year and EXACTLY 365 posts!!!

  2. So, this means we are going to get a finalist in a Grand Slam tennis competition this year..? that would be Andy "I'm a Scot" Murray I guess