Tuesday 8 January 2008

Civilisation is never far away - # 347

I just love catching little glimpses of architecture seen through tress and undergrowth, or coming round a bend in a country road. So, you have to indulge me and appreciate this nice carpet of woodland leaves surrounding old oak tress and beeches as we catch a glimpse of the Roehampton Estate from Richmond Park. Looking down on London from high in space (using Google Earth) you can see the Park as a large green blob .


  1. I like this one...food for thought...everything connects...whether we like it or not...

  2. Mmm, beautiful and interesting picture!

  3. Beautiful series. Richmond Park is a wonderful place!

  4. Gosh, this is a nice photograph. The firt thing I thought was, "Look at the size of those beech trees." And your narrative confirmed it. Beech trees are wonderful because most soon get hollow and become homes for wildlife.

    Abraham Lincoln

  5. Very beautiful photo. It's interesting how you link both events together.

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